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The situation in India is beyond heartbreaking. The country and its citizens are struggling hard to deal with the current pandemic consequences that have only worsened the situations for them to deal with. The health and critical care facilities are overwhelmed, leaving people in uncertain and difficult conditions. As we stare helplessly at India struggling to manage the second wave of COVID-19, this increase in cases and high resurgence has shaken the country to an extent and exposed the collapse of its medical structure. There is a dire need of urgent medical care and equipment’s to help fight the crushing tide of increasing cases and help people in need.

As there is an urgent requirement of medical supplies and equipment’s due to the increasing cases and overcrowding of hospitals, we are extending our support to help the people in need today.

Reliance Granite & Marble Corp. is delighted to have found a platform to collaborate with the Project SKAR and raise funds to assist the severe shortage of oxygen in New Delhi, India. The Project SKAR team has partnered with Hi-Tech Industries Ltd, Mohali which is a leading oxygen supplier in the region, who has volunteered to refill oxygen cylinders for free. Additionally, the Sikh temple Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh will act as a distribution center to provide these oxygen cylinders to residents free of cost via their team of volunteers.

We also encourage you to step ahead and do your bit as a global citizen by clicking on the link below:

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