We have a Human Resources Supervisor open position for a full time,ย  Our HR Supervisor is responsible for coordinating all administrative activities related to an organization personnel. Developing strategies and implementing systems for managing staff benefits, behavior, payroll and on-boarding new employees.Ensuring the company has aย  smooth workflow.


  • Manage the staffing process, including recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring and Onboarding.
  • Ensure Job Descriptions are Up to date and compliant with all local, State and federal regulations.
  • Develop training materials and performance management programs to help ensure employees understand their job responsibilities.
  • Create a compensation strategy for all employees based on market research keeping the strategy up to date.
  • Investigate employee issues and conflicts and brings them a resolution.
  • Use performance and management tools to provide guidance and feedback to the team.
  • Ensure all comp[any HR policies are applied consistently.
  • Maintain company organization charts and employee directory.
  • Conduct and performances and Salary reviews.
  • Provide support and guidance to HR staff.
  • Analyze trends in compensation and benefits.
  • Design and implement employee retention strategies.
  • Support ongoing learning and development of team members.
  • Help to create and foster a respectful and inclusive team environment.


  • GED Diploma Required – Human Resources Business or finances preferred.
  • 2 or + years of experience on HR department.
  • Knowledge of Administrative tasks and responsibilities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Advanced computer skills, including data entry, data processing, communication tools and payroll and human resources software.
  • Problem solving skills and resourceful thinking.
  • Leadership and coaching skills.
  • Strong empathy and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge an up to dateย  in labor laws set by government authorities and organizations.
  • Detail oriented with excellent organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail and analytical driven.
  • Likable by most and able to motivate others.
Posted Date
February 8, 2023
New Jersey
Full Time
Human Resources Supervisor